Hey, I have a new song out! It’s all about conspiracy theories and is sung from the perspective of a populist spouting slogans in place of solutions.

As a song, this has been going around my head for a few years (you can probably guess why). I’ve been itching to create some new music for a while and this is first in a series of releases I have planned. It’ll be followed shortly by a 3-track EP ‘Level 1’.

I’ll write some more about this in a while. If you fancy a listen, you can check it out on SoundCloud above or you’ll find ‘Conspiracy’ on all the streaming services – Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.

This version is a single edit. There’s a slightly longer cut on the EP, with extra nonsense thrown in.

Lyrics – Conspiracy

There’s a conspiracy, it’s deep, it’s dark and it’s true,
There’s a conspiracy, only I may reveal it to you

It’s shrouded in secrecy, they’re playing you for a fool
And President Kennedy is, conducting the orchestra from the moon

There’s a conspiracy
Oh, there’s a conspiracy

There’s a conspiracy, but we’re taking back control,
From unwelcome tyranny, we shall prevail ourselves alone,

They aim for supremacy, whispered through thirty shades of truth
They’re coming for our memory, and next they’re coming for you

Something must be blamed
Something must be blamed
There’s a conspiracy