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New Music – Conspiracy

Hey, I have a new song out! It’s all about conspiracy theories and is sung from the perspective of a populist spouting slogans in place of solutions.

As a song, this has been going around my head for a few years (you can probably guess why). I’ve been itching to create some new music for a while and this is first in a series of releases I have planned. It’ll be followed shortly by a 3-track EP ‘Level 1’.

I’ll write some more about this in a while. If you fancy a listen, you can check it out on SoundCloud above or you’ll find ‘Conspiracy’ on all the streaming services – Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.

This version is a single edit. There’s a slightly longer cut on the EP, with extra nonsense thrown in.

Lyrics – Conspiracy

There’s a conspiracy, it’s deep, it’s dark and it’s true,
There’s a conspiracy, only I may reveal it to you

It’s shrouded in secrecy, they’re playing you for a fool
And President Kennedy is, conducting the orchestra from the moon

There’s a conspiracy
Oh, there’s a conspiracy

There’s a conspiracy, but we’re taking back control,
From unwelcome tyranny, we shall prevail ourselves alone,

They aim for supremacy, whispered through thirty shades of truth
They’re coming for our memory, and next they’re coming for you

Something must be blamed
Something must be blamed
There’s a conspiracy

The Alien Overlords

Throughout 2023, I somehow became involved with a bunch of green-skinned extra-terrestrial musicians*. ‘The Alien Overlords’ claim to be one of the most successful musical acts in the galaxy and they approached me on “how to break into the lucrative music market on Earth” (their words). Despite my surprise at being spoken to by visitors from another world, I calmly explained there wasn’t much money in music on this planet. But they persisted … I have no idea why aliens would want human money – your guess is as good as mine. They threatened to melt my brain if I didn’t help. I’m quite fond of my brain, so did as I was told.

Zargon threatened to melt my brain

The aliens performed a couple of shows over the year, starting off with their leader Zargon featuring in the Dublin St, Patrick’s Day parade in March. After that, they disappeared for a while (probably conducting anal probes or something) but returned for the Spraoi festival in Waterford over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

The Overlords played a few shows on the streets and Zargon once again joined in the parade as it meandered through Waterford. After some more threats from the aliens, I helped get their song ‘Zorbareeno’ onto Earth’s music streaming platforms. They insist it’s been a huge hit across several star systems, but I don’t believe them. Truth be told, the song seems rather silly. The lyrics just sound like alien gibberish to me. Zargon says my puny human mind is too primitive to understand the fractal beauty of alien poetry, but I think he’s just bullshitting me. However, I don’t want him to melt my brain so I’m not getting in a big argument with him (or her, I don’t understand the gender identities of these aliens)

Zorbareeno – The Alien Overlords

After the summer, the Alien Overlords flew off in their spaceship again – the stars their destination. One of them (the “brass” alien) took a load of cats with him as he says they’re a delicacy on his planet. Aliens – what can you do?!

Should the Alien Overlords return, I hope they bother someone else and leave me alone. However, Zargon left a strange looking device with me and said he would get in contact if the need arises.

If you’re feeling somewhat masochistic, you can listen to ‘Zorbareeno’ on Spotify, Apple Music or any of the other music platforms.

* this entire piece may be a pack of lies

Irish Beats 23rd May 2021

Your weekly helping of fresh Irish music! All Tvvins, Saige, Amerik, James Vincent McMorrow, Moxie and more! My guests in the virtual studio were Steve Wall and Simon O’Reilly, chatting about their new track ‘Rise With The Sun.’ It was mighty craic talking with the lads, learning how they created their track using WhatsApp and Dropbox. Full playlist after the jump.

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Irish Beats 2nd May 2021

For the Bank Holiday weekend, I decided to host a mini music festival on Irish Beats, playing an hour of live performances from stages big and small. The line-up included The Academic, when young, The Frames, Cathy Davey, Alex Gough, Wallis Bird, U2 and more! Of course, that was after a collection of fresh bangers from Anim, Wild Youth, The X Collective, Bantum and Soda Blonde. Lots to wrap your ears around!

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Irish Beats 25th April 2021

Plenty of new sounds to get your ears around on Irish Beats this week. Played stuff from Imelda May’s chart-topping album, Villagers’ new one and many more. Lots of guitars on the show this evening for some reason. Perhaps it’s the influence of my guest Dara Quilty from the band Apella. Who knows?!

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Irish Beats 18th April 2021

This week was pretty hectic for new Irish releases, so I kept the music coming thick and fast on the latest radio show. The playlist was made up of fresh tunes from the likes of Reuben Hester, KinetiX, Ruth Anne, SYML, Cat Dowling and many more. The wonderful Ann Scott was my guest, chatting about her new album ‘Lily.’

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Irish Beats 11th April 2021

I didn’t much in the way of new music on the radio last week because of the vinyl special, so I tried to squeeze as many fresh tunes into the latest playlist. 32 tracks in two hours is no mean feat! The second hour was devoted to track from the folk genre, allowing us to shift down to second gear and become a little introspective.

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Irish Beats 4th April 2021

It was an all-vinyl affair on this evening’s Irish Beats as I dug into my collection to bring you some of the warmest homegrown sounds around. There was one electronic selection before breaking into the guitars – well worth turning your radios up to 11! The second of the show was a documentary following one WIT student’s quest to get into the format. ‘Gianluca Wants a Record Player’ asks questions like what’s so appealing about vinyl? Who’s listening to the format? Does it really sound better than Spotify? Should Gianluca go ahead and get a turntable?

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Irish Beats 21st March 2021

Last night was the first radio show I’ve done in a while that didn’t feature an extended interview. I enjoy talking with people, but it was nice to focus on the music too! I managed to squeeze TWENTY EIGHT whopping tracks into two hours on the radio this week, with new music from Chasing Abbey, Tolu Makay, Inhaler and more as well as classics from the likes of David Holmes and Fred. ‘Be My Friend’ by Holly Macve is a track that’s really wormed it’s way into my brain. Her new album ‘Not The Girl’ is out in April, so I’ll definitely keep an ear out for that.

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Five Ways To Celebrate Irish Culture in 2021

Another St. Patrick’s Day has rolled around and many parts of the world celebrate Irish culture and heritage by painting things green. While this can actually be nicer than a curmudgeon like me might admit, I’d like to suggest some alternatives that reflect the Ireland of the 21st century. All are lockdown friendly and better for your health (physical and mental) than drinking shite green beer.

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