I play, record and write music. Here’s a selection of (mostly) original pieces I’ve been involved with.

Rob O’Connor

In 2024, I started releasing my own music again. The first single was ‘Conspiracy’, which is taken from the EP ‘Level 1’

You’ll find whatever stuff I release on all the usual digital platforms. No physical releases for now, but maybe later if I’m feeling confident.

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Acrojunk were a band I played with Ireland in the mid-2000s. We had a indie folk-rock sound and played a bunch of gigs around the country and beyond. We released one album ‘Bricolage’ – just as the group called it a day. The name ‘Bricolage’ came from our association with some French musicians. Eva Menard provided vocals for a duet on ‘Man or Machine.’ The record was mixed by Lionel Rigaudy in Le Batiskaf studios in Nantes. Most of the songs were written by me (the obvious exception being ‘Teenage Kicks’)

The album is available on pretty much all of the music streaming formats. A physical version was never produced. If I ever come into money, I’d love to manufacture a few copies on vinyl, just for ourselves. We also released a EP and some singles.

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Fighting Spiders

After Acrojunk, I didn’t perform original music for a few years. In 2017, I joined some of my friends in their musical adventures over at Fighting Spiders (the band had a going a while before I joined). The band was/is really a vehicle for Ashley Sheehan’s songwriting and it was great to help build a synth-rock soundtrack around that.

We started releasing singles in 2019 and brought out ‘Some Party’ in February 2020. On 7th March 2020, we played a great show in Whelan’s Dublin and were looking at a busy summer playing gigs and festivals around Ireland. Then something happened …. The group tried to stay together over lockdowns, but I couldn’t contribute due to family commitments. I’m very proud of the material we recorded and remain great friends with the lads.

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The Alien Overlords

I’m reluctantly linking to this shower of extra-terrestrial jokers. They’ve made me their representative on Earth, which means I have somehow transfer royalties to them. It’s not very lucrative anyway.

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My personal SoundCloud profile has a collection of odds-and-ends. A lot of pieces for Waterford Spraoi, theatre performances and a few works-in-progress. There’s a few interviews and radio documentaries thrown in here too